Our mission is to transform lives, families, communities and populations by converting research and science to real world solution

Core Commitments:

  • Linking silos – Diving deep creates chasms of isolation like individual pieces of a 1000 piece puzzle. Finding the right adjoining pieces creates the picture that no one piece alone can convey.
  • Crossing boundaries – It really does take a village. Health is universal and it will take the global universe of researchers, technologists, investors, politicians and practitioners to achieve the AWI mission of chronic disease prevention.
  • Novel versus innovative – Whatever exists today is not sufficient for tomorrow. Sustainability depends on simultaneous delivery of now and creating next.   Quality over quantity – First it has to be right. Build the right scalable infrastructure and everything else will follow.
  • Quality over expediency – Nothing beats doing it right. Rome wasn’t built in a day and taking longer to find the right brick will lead to sustainable structure.