Can exercise delay or prevent Alzheimer's Disease?

Researcher Karen Schon at the Boston University Alzheimer's Disease Center was inspired after a fitness course to research the potential link between exercise and disease prevention. Schon has found promising data regarding brain function and exercise. The Aging Well Institute's Dr. Rhoda Au is a mentor and collaborator on the project, which has the goal of finding preventative measures for degenerative brain disease. Read more about the fascinating study here. 

Cohousing: Community Living for All Ages

Loneliness and social isolation contribute to the incidence of many chronic diseases, including obesity, heart disease, depression, and dementia. Cohousing offers elders an alternative model of aging in place and community. Joani Blank is a seventy eight year old resident of Swan’s Market Cohousing Community, in Oakland, California and she shares her personal experience living in cohousing.