Aging Federal Workforce Bucks Retirement Trends, Georgia State University Public Policy Study Shows

The percentage of federal white-collar workers eligible to retire doubled between 1999 and 2007, but the number of federal retirements has not, according to the study. The Government Accountability Office estimates 600,000 federal employees (about 30 percent) will be eligible for retirement by September 2017.





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Patient Centered Swedish Healthcare

English language summary of the first report issued by the Swedish organization Forum for Welfare/Forum för Välfärd, focusing on targeted prevention of diabetes and heart diseases, vertically integrated care, and technical solutions near the patient.

Touch Home Care

Worldwide, rapidly aging populations are forcing a paradigm shift in how to treat those with chronic diseases. While many patients are placed in nursing homes or hospices for their sunset years, they express an almost universal desire to continue living at home. This trend has created demand for homecare services so the elderly can be cared for without having to abandon their homes or independent lifestyles.