AWI has established research-to-application test labs to assess and validate newly devised and/or repurposed sensors, monitors, instruments, connected healthcare devices, smart home technologies and computational tools and create a pipeline of high-potential new commercial prospects. AWI has a solid track record of collaborating with technology research partners including Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Tsinghua University in Hong Kong in developing novel tools that are being readied for the commercial market.

AWI- working closely with our affiliated international research network -  is building forward thinking health application tools, such as:

  • wearable devices that produce FDA and international standards quality metrics
  • new nanotechnology portable instruments to measure blood-based biomarkers
  • remote monitoring of physical, cognitive and mental health changes
  • Connected smart home products and devices that monitor and inform residents, healthcare teams and family.

To move new ideas more rapidly from concept to marketplace, AWI offers training programs that nurture capacity for translating research into potential business spin offs.  Further, AWI houses an accelerator that provides mentorship, key shared services, seed investment, and access to growth capital to fast-track high potential entrepreneurs and companies.

The AWI incubator/accelerator network will also promote developing next generation health tools to:

  • improve measurement precision of lifestyle behaviors
  • build new analytic capabilities of complex and high volume data
  • enhance existing and generate new healthcare products and services that preserve and sustain better health
  • create smart home connected devices and related infrastructure to allow residents to live healthier and longer in place, whilst dramatically reducing cost of healthcare delivery